Is this the right dating site for me? Are you a well-educated person? Do you prefer brains over beauty? Are you fed up with people constantly underappreciating your personality and character, only to focus on the way you look?

Then Academic Singles is exactly what you need to find your ideal partner! Based on scientific personality tests that determine your attitude, desires and expectations, you get serious suggestions of people that fit perfectly with your personality. Gender distribution is almost even which is always a plus, while the majority of users are on the 35-54 age range, meaning that you won’t bother to chat with immature teenagers.

To spice up your game, Academic Singles gives you a chance to select a pre-written message out of 12 options, which surprisingly are very well-written and dramatically increase the response rate of your matches!

Can I trust them with so many personal details though?

Oh yes you can! And you SHOULD do it. Academic Singles is not your casual dating site and they absolutely take pride in their state-of-the-art data protection and constant profile verifications to eliminate the fake ones. And just a small tip: With every personal detail you fill in the questionnaire, the better the odds of the algorithm finding the perfect match for you.

Do users ACTUALLY find success?

Academic Singles boasts one of the highest success rates (well over 50%) in the dating industry and the most real life reviews are raving about it and its unparalleled matching system. In 2019, it is basically the go-to site for intelligent people looking to find real love and happiness.

I’m sold, but i can’t afford to pay a huge load of money

Well, you don’t have to! With Academic Singles you get:

-FREE Account Creation with scientific personality test

-FREE matching with the perfect partners personalized just for you

-FREE conversation starter with the match of your choice

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Final Verdict