Choosing the Best Photo for Your Profile

Choosing a profile photo on a dating site is something really important that you need to think of and make a good choice in the end.

You may be the perfect match for someone, but if your photo repels him/her, you’ll never know! Here are some tips on how to choose a great photo.


Use a photo in which you smile! Photos from your vacations are a great choice for this. This tip might be obvious, but some people forget about it. Also keep reading the rest of the tips.

Don’t hide!

Show as much of yourself as possible in your profile photo – photos in which you show your whole body are the best! And please, don’t wear sunglasses or hats, they hide half of your face.

The Golden Hour!

The photos taken in the afternoon are more flattering as the quality in the light is better, so you should choose photos that have been taken in that particular light! Also, don’t use flash – it makes you look older, everybody knows that.

Use recent photos!

Ok, this is an obvious one, but make sure your photos show you at the present. If it is available on the site, register your photos to prove that you are the person in them.

Upload more than one!

The more the better, and the minimum number should be four. More photos showing you in different angles and in different situations, will make the  person interested in you, have a better view of who you are indeed.