Do you find it hard to meet mature women online? You’re probably looking the wrong way!

Until recently, online dating in Ireland was exclusively available for younger people. Mainstream apps like Tinder and Badoo have set their sights on immature teenagers that don’t have anything to do in their lives and for the most part don’t know what they want. If you ever managed to bump into an older woman that was able to speak like an adult, you were starting to suspect that someone is messing with you.

Let me tell you what probably happened when you started using these apps. You actually did find some matches, but these little girls were denying any chance for a real date, even for something as simple as having a cup of coffee together! Others fail to even respond to your messages after 5 minutes. There is a chance that you were blaming yourself for all that. That you do or say something that they don’t like. That, in the end, you don’t have online dating “in you”. Well, you’re wrong! You just didn’t know where to look. These apps don’t have any sense of control over who uses them and practically anyone can make a profile. That’s why there are a lot of frauds and fake profiles.

This toxic environment eventually pushed every single 40 year old woman that was looking for a real man out of these apps. Let’s be real, no mature woman would ever try to seriously use an app like Tinder for example. So, where are all these women? Did they just give up on online dating? Of course not! The majority has found a new home on the 2 dating sites mentioned below that target exclusively women above 35 years old and the men that want to date them. We in Yourdatingsites tried them and to put it mildly WE WERE IN SHOCK! It’s a whole different dating experience from what you’ve been accustomed to.

Singles 50: The only site with no age constraints, ideal if you are looking mostly for love and affection!

As we mentioned earlier, most dating sites target people in their 20s. As a result, they are designed in a way that encourages casual dates with no real connection between the two partners. Emotions and spirit don’t really matter and everyone cares about the physical desires. If you are like me, you are probably disgusted by these kinds of relationships. Luckily, Singles 50 is here to fill that gap in the dating industry.

But please don’t think of Singles 50 as a place for old people that have given up on life and on themselves too. I am a 43 years old man and I can assure you that the majority of women are extremely attractive in there! Can you become the guy that they dream of? Can you offer them something special that they haven’t seen before? I believe you can. And I haven’t told you the best thing yet. In most dating sites it can be very hard to find a member that’s not living in Dublin, but in Singles 50 things are completely different. You can find beautiful women ready to finally open up to someone and live life to the fullest.

As for the features, Singles 50 has also a great matching system based on Artificial Intelligence (I’m not even joking) that can help you find the right people to talk to. It is also a site that takes safety very seriously. You can choose specifically who is able to view your profile, and the moderators are working hard 24 hours a day to eliminate any fake profiles. I’ve tried a lot of dating sites, I am aware of the dangers that they have, but you don’t have anything to worry about in Singles 50.

Or if you’re not completely sold, continue reading to find out about the best alternative! 

Be2: Discover lonely women who want to devote themselves to a real man!

Imagine a secluded island full of women with no men on it. Now try to think of what happens when a man like you steps into that island, even if you’re tired after a long journey. 

This is the closest depiction of what your registration to Be2 will look like. We are talking about a site that has a STAGGERING amount of female profiles and men haven’t given it a real try for some reason. Registration is still free for everyone but there are rumors of a registration fee in the future because of the crazy number of people joining every day. So please be quick if you want to try it completely free of charge! 

The innovative part of Be2 is that the member profiles are extremely detailed. You can easily browse the women who have the same interests as you. Knowing that you have so much in common, a conversation is easier to heat up! The majority of women are on the 35-54 age range and I don’t want to spoil the fun but I’ll tell you this: The ones that I managed to talk to were very eager to see me and also try to satisfy me desires in every way imaginable. Experienced women that know exactly what they want and how to make you feel loved. A lot of them are divorced and want to give love a second chance. So, what do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Can you be “the special one” for them? There’s only one way to know! Register now and thank me later.

Your best bet is to try both of them (free registration, remember?) and see what best suits your needs and desires. Whatever I ever tell you, a real life test is the best way for you to believe me.