Love has no boundaries, age is no constraint

Singles50 is a breeze of fresh air for those who have been swimming in the dating pool for a while or just want to get back in the game after a long period of solitude. It introduces you to a wide variety of eligible singles, all in their prime, who are 40+ years old and in search of a loving adventure. If reading the above resulted in a subconscious positive head nodding, then jump right in cause this is the site for you.

Getting started

Being a true powerhouse player in the senior dating business, Singles50 has made everything fast and easy-to-use so that even elders who find themselves unable to keep up with technology can have a pleasant experience.

The signup process requires just the basic information, your gender, email address and a password and you’re good to go. I shouldn’t forget to mention that registering is free of charge.

After logging in, you continue on completing a user-friendly questionnaire providing information that will form your profile such as preferences in a partner, education level, annual income etc. You are not obliged to answer those questions and can skip them by clicking a big,front-displayed button, although it’s recommended that you do provide the answers for the matching algorithm behind it to match you with the most related people.

Your caring companion could be just a few clicks away

The most important feature of this website is the sophisticated matching algorithm they have implemented to keep your experience smooth and effortless. This is why you should enrich your profile with the most relevant information about you and what you seek, for the algorithm to work. You can get your game one step further by answering a set of specific secondary questions formatted in a fun and easy-to-use 4 star system so you can show potential suitors how much you like a specific choice. If you feel like it, you can also add a personal note about each topic and provide some more insight on your thoughts.

As a full-pledged member, start browsing through the recommended matches and start a casual conversation that can may lead to a loving, caring relationship. Gender distribution is almost equal, which is always a plus and guarantees that you will find a match for sure.

If you consider yourself an overthinker who likes to analyze things deeply and has specific desires and expectations, use the Compatibility feature and take a look at the bar graphs that show how compatible you are with another person in various areas. Matching can’t get any better, right?

I am afraid of getting scammed! Is it safe?

Singles50 is a site that takes safety and security very seriously but I will just let the facts speak for themselves.

Only prime of life members. Instant exclusion of malicious, immature teenagers that you don’t want any interaction with.

Flexibility in making personal info visible to anyone

Innovative, well-thought photo policy. 100% real individuals.

SSL state-of-the-art encryption that guards your personal data protected at all times.

Final Verdict